Born in 1989
Republic of Karelia ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ

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Solo compositions as Ivan Zoloto, founder of Full of Nothing label and New New World Radio, beats and screams as Myka, ex-member of Love Cult, commercial muzak and commissions.

Two appearances in Los Angeles:

February 17, 2018 โ€“ USA, Los Angeles @ Fowler Museum
February 20, 2018 โ€“ USA, Los Angeles @ Dublab Radio

Interview and song selection for Late Junction show on BBC Radio 3. Listen back.

Russian Folk Mix for Blowing Up the Workshop.

New New World Radio mix + interview in AQNB.

Two US shows with Zola Jesus and John Wiese.

New New World Radio featured in Electronic Beats.

Round table on music communities in Russia moderated by Stanislav Sharifullin (HMOT). Hosted by IZI.

June 2, 2017 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ NII

Ivan Zoloto โ€” โ€œSalveโ€. Emotional comedown music made rather as self-help than โ€œfor a purposeโ€.

2017,  Digital โ€” Download

Logo and redesign for New New World Radio.

Upcoming shows 2017:

Ivan Zoloto

July 5 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Powerhouse

Love Cult

July 8 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Bol Festival

July 28 โ€“ Russia, Saint Petersburg @ Present Perfect Festival

August 17 โ€“ Russia, Nikola-Lenivets @ Signal Festival


August 19 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ NII

Round table on music communities in Moscow moderated by Stepan Kazaryan (Bol Festival). Hosted by Moscow Urban Forum.

June 6 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ VDNH

New New World Radio featured in The Wire.

A spoken word commission for #DISembTEChyb radio series by AGF broadcast during documenta 14.

2017,  Digital โ€” Stream

Lecture on pessimism in contemporary music. 

March 30, 2017 โ€“ Russia, Ekaterinburg @ Piotrovskiy

Upcoming shows 2017:


March 24 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Powerhouse (DJ-set)

Ivan Zoloto

March 31 โ€“ Russia, Yekaterinburg @ Yeltsin Center


March 31 โ€“ Russia, Yekaterinburg @ Mizantrop (DJ-set)

Love Cult

April 15 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Rabitza


June 2 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ NII (DJ-set)

June 3 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Dissident (DJ-set)

Ivan Zoloto โ€” music for video installation in Kazan, Russia. ยซะ‘ะธะปะณะตัะตะท าฏั‚ะบำ™ะฝ ะทะฐะผะฐะฝยป, presented at โ€œSmenaโ€, March 6โ€“26, 2016 and consisting of heavily processed Tatar popular songs and TV snippets.

New New World Radio interviewed by The Village, in Russian.

New New World Radio โ€” post-genres, post-geography, post-politics.

๐Ÿ“ท  by Diana Luganski

Myka โ€” โ€œDie R.I.P.โ€, debut single for #INTERNETGHETTO. Recorded in Moscow, contains a sample from Synecdoche Montauk

2017,  Digital โ€” Download

Upcoming shows 2016โ€”2017:


November 8 โ€“ China, Beijing @ The Fur (DJ-set)

November 10 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Shelter w/ Moritz von Oswald

November 26 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Burning Man Decompression

December 2 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Grezy (DJ-set)

Ivan Zoloto

December 8 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ MARS


December 24 โ€“ Russia, Petrozavodsk @ Ubezhishe โ„–1

January 15 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Ditch (DJ-set) w/ Sky H1

January 21 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Ditch (DJ-set) w/ Summer of Haze

January 27 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ #ใ‚ˆใ‚Šๅคšใใฎๆ„› (DJ-set)

Ivan Zoloto & Teriberka Pomor Choir

February 2 โ€“ Russia, Murmansk @ Inversia Festival

Myka B2B Hannes Norrvide (Lust for Youth)

February 3 โ€“ Russia, Murmansk @ Inversia Festival (DJ set)

Love Cult, Ivan Zoloto & Sasha Kretova

February 25 โ€“ Russia, Saint Petersburg @ Horizon Festival

Round table on DIY labels with Dalmata Daniel and Burek Music curated by Lucia Udvardyova (Easterndaze). Hosted by BUSH.

November 22, 2016 โ€“ Hungary, Budapest @ Tesla

Myka โ€” live at Shelter, Shanghai. Opening for Moritz von Oswald.

Love Cult โ€” โ€œThis Doesnโ€™t Make Senseโ€, an installation at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, part of Shanghai Biennale. November 11โ€“12, 2016. A bed, lights, 4 channel sound.

Interviewed by Bandcamp.

Upcoming shows 2016:


October 15 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Arkham (DJ set) w/ Asian Dope Boys

October 21 โ€“ China, Beijing @ Dada (DJ set) w/ Asian Dope Boys

October 22 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Shelter (DJ set) w/ Lotic

October 28 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Qian Shui Wan w/ KVB

October 29 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Shelter (DJ set) w/ Marcus Nasty, Desto

Ivan Zoloto

October 22 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ M64

Love Cult โ€” music for installation by Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki. Moscow, CentrRed, October 6โ€“13, 2016.

Opening afterparty DJ set at Denis Simachev Shop & Bar.

Myka โ€” DJ mix for Asian Dope Boys.

2016,  Digital โ€” Stream

Residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China.

May 19 โ€“ November 13, 2016

Love Cult

Tour Dates 2016

February 2 โ€“ Germany, Berlin โ€“ CTM Festival @ HAU2 (A/V set w/ Alina Filippova)

February 5 โ€“ Germany, Berlin โ€“ CTM Festival @ Berlin Community Radio

February 8 โ€“ Germany, Berlin โ€“ CTM Festival @ Watergate (DJ set)

February 27 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ NII (DJ set)

April 15 โ€“ Russia, Samara @ Khimtchistka (DJ set)

April 23 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Arma17

April 30 โ€“ Russia, Olonets @ UnCapitals (DJ set)

May 1 โ€“ Russia, Petrozavodsk @ Ubezhishe #1 (DJ set)

May 5 โ€“ UK, London @ NTS Radio

May 6 โ€“ UK, London @ Shoreditch Church

May 12 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Megapolis FM

May 13 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ DK Trekhgorka (A/V set w/ Alina Filippova)

May 27 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Dada (DJ set)

July 30 โ€“ China, Shanghai @ Dada (DJ set)

August 8 โ€“ China, Beijing @ Dada (Live + DJ set)

August 12 โ€“ Korea, Seoul @ Seoul Community Radio

September 10 โ€“ China, Chongqing @ Nuts (DJ set)

September 15 โ€“ China, Beijing @ Modernskylab (Live + DJ set)

October 6 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Simachev (DJ set)

October 7 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Center MARS (DJ set)

November 5 โ€“ Russia, Saint Petersburg @ MOD (DJ set)

Love Cult โ€” โ€œEducated Guessโ€, a music video by Alina Philippova.

๐Ÿ“ท  by Diana Luganski

Love Cult โ€” โ€œEducated Guessโ€, a romantic suicidal single for Full of Nothing. Recorded in Petrozavodsk and Moscow, mixed and mastered at Monoleak.

2016,  Digital โ€” Download

Suicide is an educated guess
May I bum a smoke?
May I have a drag on your cig?
I'm so sorry I'm a mess

'Cause someone's born a beaut
and you are no beaut
It's a myth
Number one thing
On the list of things
You get away with

I'm never ever wearing a dress
Should I flash my breast?
May I have a drag on your cig?
You've got to mean what you confess

'Cause someone's born a brute
and you are no brute
It's a myth
Number one thing
On the list of things
You get away with

Temetchko โ€” a new improv group with Anastasia Tolchneva (Lovozero), Fedor Pereverzev (Moa Pillar) and Savva Rozanov (Synecdoche Montauk). White light drone music.

March 19, 2016 โ€“ Russia, Moscow @ Center MARS

Full of Nothing โ€” interviewed by The Calvert Journal.

Public talk on Russian electronic music with Luke Turner (The Quietus) and Stanislav Sharifullin (HMOT). Hosted by CTM Festival.

February 4, 2016 โ€“ Germany, Berlin @ Kunstquartier Studio 1

Love Cult & Alina Philippova present โ€œNadaโ€, a film concert. European premiere to take place at CTM Festival.

February 2, 2016 โ€“ Germany, Berlin @ HAU2

๐Ÿ“ท  by Diana Luganski

Love Cult โ€” interviewed by The Quietus.

๐Ÿ“ท  by Ekaterina Panzhenskaya

Interviewed by Afisha, in Russian.

Live improvisation with Damo Suzuki, Anya Kuts (Love Cult), Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad in Stockholm.

December 12, 2013 โ€“ Sweden, Stockholm @ Fylkingen

Istoki โ€” a film and an album produced by Vincent Moon. An improvised performance with Karelian folk ensemble Istoki, Anya Kuts (Love Cult), Sashash Ulz and Lena Filatova (kot kot).

2012,  Digital โ€” Download